make ahead party foods: pecan pie bars stacked atop each other.

Make Ahead Party Foods

Sometimes even an introvert like myself decides to take on feeding a number of guests. While I both love to cook and enjoy time with my people, it is much simpler when the majority of the food is made ahead of time. This list of make ahead party foods also comes in handy when you […]

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stovetop brussels sprouts on a plate with roasted chicken and mashed potatoes

Stovetop Brussels Sprouts

So, I didn’t know I liked brussels sprouts until I got old enough to cook them myself. It’s pretty difficult to feel happy about eating bland, bitter, boiled sprouts. This stovetop recipe is quick, easy, and full of flavor, with very few ingredients. It only takes 15 minutes to whip these bad boys up. Which, […]

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A close up of squash risotto with chicken

Recipe for Butternut Squash Risotto

Nothing quite says fall to me like a roasted squash. While I could eat a squash all by itself, I’d way rather puree it and incorporate it into a comforting fall risotto. This butternut squash risotto is creamy and rich, without the need for a bunch of dairy products. My lactose intolerance thanks me and […]

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close up of mixed bean and corn salad.

Black Bean and Grilled Corn Salad

I love a good grill-out. Even just the smell of a heated grill gets my summer senses tingling. This black bean and grilled corn salad is a fresh, simple side dish, perfectly suited for your next barbecue. It is slightly sweet and citrusy, with fresh herbs, which is a delightful contrast to many other grilled […]

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A close up of uncooked but seasoned asparagus on parchment paper.

Asparagus as a Side Dish

Honestly, I never get sick of eating asparagus. It is a substantial vegetable with a lot to give and when roasted, it can be drool worthy. Granted, this is coming from the woman who told her wedding caterer that she’d be just as happy only eating the asparagus and brussels sprouts they made and forgoing […]

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A close up of hot honey bourbon coated chicken wings in a glass bowl.

Hot Honey Bourbon Wing Sauce

I am still on a Friday night chicken wing kick. They are the perfect food for a game night in, with my favorite person (read: Elias). I previously shared my recipe for a gosh darn perfect buffalo wing sauce. That being said, no matter how good they are, we can’t always have standard buffalo wings. […]

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A close up of cooked cheesy corn dip in a blue bowl.

Creamy Cheesy Hot Corn Dip

This amazing cheesy hot corn dip recipe is adapted from my wonderful mother in law’s. It is one of many positive things that she has brought to my life. This dip makes a perfect snack, especially when you crave something warm and substantial – AKA all the time, for me. It also tends to be […]

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Best Spicy Buffalo Wing Sauce

This buffalo wing sauce has a big punch of flavor. Impress your friends with your wing dressing prowess.

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Weeknight Fried Rice

In the last year, I have tried to limit my grocery shopping to once every other week. By the end of that span I am left primarily with pantry staples and long lasting produce, such as onions, garlic, carrots, and celery. That is where chicken fried rice fits into my meal planning perfectly. The ingredients […]

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A close up of balsamic broccoli with steak and mushrooms in the background.

Balsamic Broccoli

Tangy roasted broccoli with a bit of bite and a glorious layer of parmesan.

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