Garden Roundup

When we bought our house I was so excited about the prospect of finally having my own garden. I went into that year with garden optimism, a gleam of fresh tomatoes twinkling in my eye, but it turns out house ownership keeps you and your wallet busy. The plants would have to wait. Until this year, when all the magic happened. Special mention to my house plants for being there in my time of need.

I started with a small vegetable garden plot. I got the classics in this year: three types of tomatoes, four types of peppers, zucchini, eggplant, green beans, carrots, spinach, arugula, kale, thyme, sage, basil, thai basil, and my failures - brussel sprouts and broccoli. Despite planting all of the above, I primarily ended up with an excess of tomatoes (because duh), eggplant, and herbs. Of course, Iko wanted to be involved. Here he is "helping" us put up the chicken-wire fencing.

Iko the husky laying on chicken wire that is being hung for fencing.

He also "helped" by mowing down my brussel sprouts and eating quite a few tomatoes. 🙄🙄

A 6 panel image with 3 images of pepper plants on the top and 3 images of tomato plants on the bottom.
The salsa plants showing off.

I loved going out to harvest tomatoes, green beans, and herbs during the prime part of the season. The tomatoes were prolific, especially the yellow cherries, but I am upping my game for next year by increasing the number of tomato plants and trying all new varieties. I know, I know, that's going to be a lot of tomatoes but relax, 2021 is the year I get into canning; shelves full of jars here I come. Besides, that masters working with tomatoes has to go somewhere, right?

A three panel picture of eggplant growing from a flower to a full fruit.
If only I liked the fruits as much as the plant.

Eggplant...eggplant, what do I say about eggplant? I confess that I only planted it to see how it grows. Friends, I really tried to love eggplant. I watched its beautiful purple flowers form into tiny death-spike covered mini berries, and watched them grow into luxurious plum-colored full fruits but when it came to eating them,'re welcome for all the eggplant, mom. That being said, eggplant, you are the weakest link - goodbye.

In addition to my small annual vegetable plot, I planted a few longer term items. Three blueberry plants, saved from a neglected spot by my mother-in-law, started getting bigger and produced their first fruits. Comment with your favorite blueberry varieties - extra points if they're hardy to zone 4! Also added this year were two honeyberries, four raspberries, a hazelnut (yeah, I'll need another) and a plum tree.

A 3 panel image showing blueberries going from green to ripe.
My first ripened blueberry...I'm so proud😭

With my first garden experiment in the books, I'm ready for the second trial. In fact, I couldn't wait and started my spring planning the minute my 2020 garden was a wrap. Help tide me over until spring; tell me about the best plant in your 2020 garden!

Keep your belly full, your mind engaged, and your heart open.



  1. I will take all excess eggplant - poor neglected veggie!

  2. avidlyravenous

    You really saved them from a grim fate.

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