Homemade Soap is Self Care

Homemade soap stacked three tall on a blue cloth.

There is something luxurious about a homemade bar of soap. It has only the ingredients you choose, it smells the way you want, and best of all, you made it! Besides, people will think you are crafty when you present them with a gift of homemade soap. Due to my love of the process, and the product itself, I have not bought a bar of soap in about 2 years, which is crazy.

If you want to make it my way, check out my favorite soap recipe.

I find that making a self care item, like soap, is a really nice way to thank my body for withstanding the hardships of life. It is a creative process and a soothing one. The technique forces you to slow down for a while and focus on the task at hand. Anyway, staring into a bowl of blending and swirling oils has its charms. Check out the video below for some calming swirls.

To make lye-based soap, you need a mixture of oils, water, and lye. The oils in a recipe can vary, depending upon the desired properties. For example, bars of soap made with coconut or palm kernel oil are high cleansing and produce fluffy bubbles. Meanwhile, those using cocoa or shea butter are harder and have milder lathers. Check out the characteristics of different oils.

Diluted lye in a plastic container sitting next to melted oils in a large glass bowl.
Lye solution and melted oils. I do this process on my deck for plenty of ventilation.


Once the oils are chosen, all that is left is to decide whether you want to add anything extra to your homemade soap. Below are just some of the possibilities. Explore the links for more information about each type of add in.

I make my soap with a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil, and vegetable shortening, scented with a bit of lavender. Make your own soap if it tickles your fancy! Choose oils, fragrances, and other add-ins that make you feel happy.

Maybe you already make your own soap. If so, share your favorite recipe! Or, if you make other self care items, I would love to hear about them. Drop a comment and let me know.

Keep your belly full, your mind engaged, and your heart open.

Homemade soap wrapped in a red bow and stacked atop a blue cloth.
Wrap it in a bow if it makes you happy.


  1. Laura McGilp

    My allergy ridden body LOVES your soap! We need a soap date my dear.

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