Addicted to House Plants

Plants! Need I say more? Well, I guess I should since this is a blog and all. One of the things that keeps me sane during the winter months is watching my house plants grow and flourish. It is so odd to think that just a couple of years ago I had zero house plants, primarily as a result of my feline menace (see prayer plant as evidence).

The first house plant was a pothos. My aunt gave me cuttings from a plant that lived in her father-in-law's home for many years. It has spread across our cabinets and another pothos plant now lives on our hutch. They are the ultimate un-killable house plants. Elias told me I can't post a picture of the pothos with my skeletons in it or it will ruin my brand; "It'S a hAlLoWeEN dEcOrAtIoN aNd IT's FeBrUaRy". But look, I like it, my pothos likes it, it's staying.

A Halloween decoration of two skeletons cuddling together in front of a pothos in a tan pot.
Watch me post it, Elias.

The Ornamental Plants

Pothos are easy but the next house plants that I chose were African violets...finicky little buggers. DO NOT TOUCH WATER TO THEIR LEAVES, or they'll curse your family for generations to come, or something like that. If you treat them just right though, they'll bring you lovely blooms in a variety of colors, all year round (see 2 of my 3 below - the 3rd is currently mad at me). Learn more about growing African violets.

After the challenge of African violets, it was time for another set of easy plantlets. My baby spider plant was grown from a filched cutting but don't feel bad for the original plant, these things procreate like nobody's business. My cute little hens and chicks are spread in pots across the house. It turns out I have a penchant for fecund plants species. On the other hand, I also have a nice and pious prayer plant, always ready for a leaf-based devotion. The big holes in its leaves are from the common house pest Felis catus, so it may be praying for a reprieve from the fur beast that stalks it at night.

The Edible House Plants

Now let's talk about a true glow up - my celery. I devoured its stalks, set the base in some water and waited...and waited...and waited and when it finally got some nice roots, it was planted. Seriously, celery takes forever to grow. The final picture below is about 3 months in. It's still not quite ready to harvest, probably another couple of months to go, but isn't it beautiful? I have done this rooting with several celeries, so eventually I will have a series of readily available fresh stalks at my fingertips.

Fresh herbs are a true joy for my ravenous self. Pictured: green onions (rooted like the celery), cilantro, thyme, and catnip (for the night stalking fuzz best). I love to be able to walk down my stairs and quickly brighten up any meal, with little to no planning. If only my basil would get on board - my pesto making has been severely limited since the end of gardening season. Note to self: freeze way more basil than seems necessary next season.

Last but definitely not least, my mini lettuce patch. It contains a mix of leaf lettuces and spicy microgreens. Freshly plucked lettuce, mixed with some of the bright herbs listed above is a recipe for success. If I had more space under my growing lights, much more lettuce would be had.

Now that we are halfway through February, it is nearly time to start a whole new set of plants. This year I am going to start many of my outdoor plants under my new grow lights. I can't wait! Happy planting to all of my fellow vegetation lovers.

What are you favorite house plants?

Keep your belly full, your mind engaged, and your heart open.




  1. OMG - you are channeling Grandma Jerry - the African Violet queen. Love all the plants!

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