Three open faced juicy hamburgers with cheese and homemade buns.

Juicy Burgers

My dad makes good burgers. They’ve even been nicknamed “Billy burgers” and have been requested by many a friend and family member. In an effort to keep up with this very important family legacy, I submit this recipe as tribute. These juicy burgers are simple to make, more difficult to ruin, and packed with flavor. […]

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A close up of a not yet folded buffalo chicken wrap.

Ranch Buffalo Chicken Wrap

There is something very satisfying about the classic mix of buffalo chicken and ranch. This buffalo chicken wrap features a homemade sriracha ranch, which makes it just that little bit more flavorful. Accompanied by crunchy red cabbage, sliced green onion, and a lightly crisped tortilla, this simple wrap makes a perfect lunch. The Chicken The […]

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A close up of hot honey bourbon coated chicken wings in a glass bowl.

Hot Honey Bourbon Wing Sauce

I am still on a Friday night chicken wing kick. They are the perfect food for a game night in, with my favorite person (read: Elias). I previously shared my recipe for a gosh darn perfect buffalo wing sauce. That being said, no matter how good they are, we can’t always have standard buffalo wings. […]

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A close up of cooked cheesy corn dip in a blue bowl.

Creamy Cheesy Hot Corn Dip

This amazing cheesy hot corn dip recipe is adapted from my wonderful mother in law’s. It is one of many positive things that she has brought to my life. This dip makes a perfect snack, especially when you crave something warm and substantial – AKA all the time, for me. It also tends to be […]

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Best Spicy Buffalo Wing Sauce

This buffalo wing sauce has a big punch of flavor. Impress your friends with your wing dressing prowess.

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