make ahead party foods: pecan pie bars stacked atop each other.

Pecan Bars With Shortbread Crust

These shortbread pecan bars are perfect for when you want a pie but don’t want to go through the hassle of making a pie crust. Because look, if I couldn’t even go through the effort of putting real pants on today, there’s no way I’m rolling and crimping. This shortbread crust is simply smushed into […]

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A close up of strawberry, chicken, and arugula salad with a balsamic dressing drizzle

Balsamic Chicken Strawberry Salad

Some days, especially in the spring and summer, I start to crave a big plate of salad. My body, having emerged from months of cream filled winter decadence, is ready for something nutrient dense and fresh. This balsamic chicken strawberry salad fits the bill perfectly. It has an excellent balance of sweet and acid, nutrient […]

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Fudgy Crunch Pecan Brownies

Brownies are sort of the casseroles of the dessert world (Why yes, I am midwestern, how did you know?). You can throw in a huge variety of chocolate sources, practically any nut, candy pieces, etc. and it will still taste good. Plus the preferred texture varies wildly. That means that it’s hard to truly ruin […]

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Three chocolate chip and pecan cookies stacked on each other

Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

Chocolate chip and pecan cookies still on the cookie sheet, right out of the oven.

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