burst cherry tomato pasta in a bowl.

Cherry Tomato Sauce for Pasta

This vegetarian burst cherry tomato pasta is packed with flavor. From the roasted tomatoes to the balsamic reduction, this recipe is designed to tantalize your taste buds. Best of all, it requires very little effort on your part. I have banned the chopping and peeling of tomatoes for this recipe because, honestly, I’m not here […]

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A close up of buffalo mac and cheese on a plate.

Baked Buffalo Mac and Cheese

There is nothing quite like diving into a big plate of baked mac and cheese. It is a nostalgic experience that brings some much needed comfort to a stressful day. This buffalo baked mac and cheese is no exception. It combines the magic of a cheese sauce with the tongue tingling properties of buffalo sauce […]

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broccoli pine nut pasta served in a bowl.

Broccoli Pine Nut Pasta

This dish brings me back to high school. It was one of my favorite meals that my, now, mother-in-law made. This version of broccoli pine nut pasta is a little different from the dinner’s I enjoyed at her home, but it is just as comforting. It is a cheesy, crunchy, broccoli-filled, mess of noodles that […]

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A close up of sun dried tomato pasta next to a mixed greens salad

Creamy Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

My father-in-law makes an amazing tomato cream pasta dish – it is dear to my heart…and my stomach. In high school, it was just about the only meal that I requested from him, despite the fact that he is an excellent cook. I imagine he probably got sick of my constant demand, so I learned […]

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A close up of a bowl of balsamic mushroom pasta topped with shredded parmesan.

Balsamic Mushroom Pasta

As the cold creeps into our home, I start to crave the comfort of a bowl of hearty noodles. Reminiscent of a mushroom stroganoff, this glorious balsamic mushroom pasta is perfect for lounging under a blanket on the couch. In this dish the umami of the mushrooms and caramelized onions blends with the tangy sweetness […]

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