Three open faced juicy hamburgers with cheese and homemade buns.

Juicy Burgers

My dad makes good burgers. They’ve even been nicknamed “Billy burgers” and have been requested by many a friend and family member. In an effort to keep up with this very important family legacy, I submit this recipe as tribute. These juicy burgers are simple to make, more difficult to ruin, and packed with flavor. […]

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close up of mixed bean and corn salad.

Black Bean and Grilled Corn Salad

I love a good grill-out. Even just the smell of a heated grill gets my summer senses tingling. This black bean and grilled corn salad is a fresh, simple side dish, perfectly suited for your next barbecue. It is slightly sweet and citrusy, with fresh herbs, which is a delightful contrast to many other grilled […]

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marinated beef kabobs with vegetables marinated but uncooked, laying on a baking sheet with parchment paper.

Marinated Beef Kabobs with Vegetables

These sesame soy sauce marinated beef kabobs are an excellent excuse to get outside and grill – one of my favorite cooking methods. It seems like no matter what you throw on that thing, it tastes better. Like a true Minnesotan, I grill all the way through the winter – although I grumble about having […]

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