Me ready for my sleep study, hooked up to a lot of wires with straps around my chest and diaphragm

Sleep Study Experience

No one WANTS to be watched while they sleep. I certainly did and do not. It turns out that sometimes it might be worth dealing with that experience anyway. In case you are now very concerned for my well being, this is all part of the experience of getting a sleep study. Curious why I […]

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A blue shirt with pictures of two monsters. One says to the other "you don't scare me"

Anxiety – The Confidence Killer

Anxiety used to rule my life. The panic attacks were unpredictable, yet reliably present throughout my day. I continuously adjusted my life to avoid triggers of any kind. It was hard to pull myself out of survival mode. Living with high anxiety feels scary, it feels hopeless, and it feels lonely, even when you have […]

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Insomnia, It’s What Keeps Me up at Night

Sleep is one of the best ways to keep your body running properly. Our bodies don’t always like to cooperate. This is my sleep journey.

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My husband standing at the edge of a lake as the sun sets

Chasing Away the Winter Blues & Other Woefully Inadequate Euphemisms

It has been a hard year in one way or another for everyone. Mental health has taken a dive and many of our usual coping activities have become less accessible. I am no exception. On the bright side (?), I now have a third flavor of depression to add to my menu. In the summer, […]

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